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'WHO KILLED THE PAGE WIZURD?' is the debut album by MR. JHAK, a Philly-bred emcee with a vivid comic book inspired imagination. This immersive concept record examines the struggle between good and evil forces within each of us, personifying Jhak's dark aspects into a shadowy foe known as the Page Wizurd. Only through rapping is Jhak able to first understand the Page Wizurd's influence over his life, and then attempt to conquer him.

The full-length LP contains 16 tracks of Jhak's vibrant wordplay, matched with a soundtrack of pure MR. OWL production that rides the line between futuristic hip-hop and bass-heavy electronica.  The lead single 'Stigmatic Disease' is receiving strong underground support, listen now.


released November 24, 2015

Vocals & Lyrics: MR. JHAK
Production: MR. OWL



all rights reserved


MR. JHAK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

MR. JHAK is a Philly-bred emcee with a vivid, comic book inspired imagination. He is affiliated with MR. OWL's Parliament of Strix Records.

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Track Name: Beacon
Ya'll niggas can flick my Bic
Spitting that ill shit on the radio like I ain't listening
But I got ears, my dears I got a tongue so sharp
Cut through wind then
Deliver strings serene and serenade like a harp
Bars black you out so much, you be scared of the dark
How I talk - Is much more persuasive than my walk
So I hark
Stop smoking man I never been a quitter!
I make shit liver, chopped up for diner, my center
Of gravity is lifted
Once upon a time
I lost my mind
So It's sublime in my raps...

It's your own fault for dabbling in the dark arts of rap now I awaken
Roll rappers in the mud, then I slaughter them and cook them like bacon
Now they know the real meaning of hating
Ya'll nigga's rap?
Well man I'm waiting
I'm so fed up with ya'll, I got to make my own shit to sate my craving
And I don't need nobodies participation
I can do it on my own god dammit!
So who wants to try a run with this Jhak rabbit?
By the time I'm done, ya blind like sun and your mind's full of static
Yeah that shit's tragic
Merc'd you with some poetry like Hamlet
You ever hear a nigga spit like this?
Flow come with list of different flavors
Melting in my mouth, how you want it now or later
After while crocodile
Raps sonic boom like Guile and legendary like the fucking Nile
So tell a nigga, how you like me now?

As I lay me down to sleep, I
Pray for this beacon my soul to keep, and
If I die should before I wake, well
This Beacon will deliver my soul away


Back to my element
I'm Hip-hoptelligent
And never been lost, or crossed
By the Lord when I was a boy
I couldn't sin so, I had to play with toys
And I only win
Cuz this grin, on my face
Is for ya'll who be hustling
Ya'll who be busting in
Ya'll who be stressing him
And I dare not tell, but I dare try to sell
The truth of the, truth of the, truth of these streets
And creep through the ether to become a creature
Cuz my next feature is so hard
I can't explain what this pain
Does to a mortal, I sift through a portal, and erupt your quarters
Damn, I'm a captain
Call me Mr. Jhak - O- Lantern to be exact
And I'm the Pumpkin King: the underground's last savior
And all of ya'll get what you paid for!

As I lay me down to sleep, I
Pray for this beacon my soul to keep, and
If I should die before I wake, well
This Beacon will deliver my soul away
As I lay me down to sleep, I
Pray for this beacon my soul to keep, and
If I die should before I wake well
This Beacon better save my ass today

Now there's a lot of emcees, but they get bust like chestnuts
Mouth hung open, what the fuck, a lot of dumb luck
Cuz all these butt niggas start to come up like pastries
Hot out the oven
Till I crack the sound barrier and flatten em like an English muffin
Your hard stares do not scare me
You weak like a lactose nigga drinking dairy
Me? I'm the Hulk like Terry
Hogan, strolled them, can't console them, so I prose dim
Say I'm grim? Na man I'm Mr. Jhak
The reaper that's my cousin
So stunting and fronting will surely get your ass smashed up like stuffing
In these cold streets, especially when the money's deplete
So everybody and they mom, try to live off deceit
But when the cold calm creeps to, seep through the cracks
Insanity and malicious comes to make an attack
But everybody turns their back, like it don't involve me
But see, that's the problem, we all can't allow the brim
To be filled till it sloshes
So I suggest you just pack up and take your losses
Track Name: Agimotto
It's the sorcerer supreme
Rapping mean, on the scene, of the mystical plane
You exhaust while I riposte, cuz your rhymes too plain
I turn dried up lame dirt, pervert, enrich it
Saint Nicholas, can't fuck with this Midas touch
Here comes a rush of brick bars that pass through nominally
While you chronically try to stop me
Watch me, the E=Mc2, and I declare war
So come and get me (Come on and get me)
But it won't be easy, like finding a clean sleazy
Cuz ya'll niggas is deezy bags
Quick in drag, fake to brag
So my words like to play freeze tag
Then Agimotto said
Turn sweet into sour
Seconds into hours
Check it if you think I got bad credit
No get to stepping
(Enter chorus here)

Arise to disguise denies and lies of the people's decries!
Arise to defy goodbies and dawn the people's demise!

The spaceship whirled down and I ground it with my Boomstick
Don't be slick
There shall be no exploration of this rift
In your area
51 stealth bomb terrier
Bionic interior
Intelligence inferior
As I equate the, infinite gauntlet, of superior
Need me to say it clearer?
I'm a super hero
And my super power is making stupid rappers disappear yo

Arise to disguise denies and lies of the people's decries!
Arise to defy goodbies and dawn the people's demise!

Then reappear!
Standing in the frontier of the austere
Mister fucking Jhak
Tit for tit for tat dawn reign as I slay through the quantum leap
To enter your sleep
And claw your thoughts, surrender you're caught, your world is rot
Steam kettle gleaming, engine revolution
And I'm the iron giant, the end of evolution!

Then Agimotto said
Pop pop, not a god damn thing nice try
So let's say hello to the mutha fuckin bad guy.... Hi
Track Name: Mr. Jhak
Blue lighter arise
To flame my thoughts
That consume the
Doom of these people
I seek to
Destroy like all humans, cuz this shit gets humid
All that fucking cool shit
Man I can't keep up, like what the fuck
I'm losing my gut, so much, it's hard to keep up the
Systematics keep me running like I'm Jackie Robinson
Now I'm going for the base
And I will smack the taste
Out of the next nigga's mouth whom get's my face, then skate
Like Christmas time
And Jesus Christ know the divine
When he see it, and he done peeped it!
Mr. Jhak attack the fact of rap
And niggas get, Jhaked like queens and pop them things
That will leave niggas vanquished
Is it sanctioned? You bet it is nigga
Mr. Jhak rug rat like a babysitter?
Is he sicker? You bet god dammit I'm an animal
And I'm betting with these spells that I toss it'll damage you
And it don't matter who
Got the power, still wet like shower
I connect the time like an hour, crook town doubter
Shank art robber
Street fighting, mortal kombat pit fighter
Twenty four mac-7 Jhak Bauer
I'm puffing like flower
And I'll boil you like you lobster
Havey Dent and Two Face niggas no problem
No one hotter
Sun look downward
And say god damn man I sure am sour
(Put me back in the fucking box)

Lets get high my niggas
Touch the sky my niggas
Let's get high my niggas
And touch the sky!

Mr. Jhak - Tit for tat
O'lantern to be exact

Ya'll niggas pages in my book
Just go ahead and look
You'll find you nigga's hyphens in my speech
The eerie feeling in my creep
And benefits I reap and
Na dogg I don't sleep
Cuz beds seriously give me the nightmares
I wake up in a puddle of sweat with no hair
It's unfair
And I'm sure the allure, smells pure
But God used to lure sure beings impure
And I'm the boy
Jhak the unlord
Dismantle the annual
Press and assess to regress the stress that bless
The king three times mighty a number and I keep logs like a lumber
Rappers get overencumbered
Long roads be ahead
Signs over read:
You go against Jhak you're sure to be dead
So ponder like think
If I really threw the kitchen sink
Then doesn't that mean that the fat lady sing?
And, doesn't that deem on the chord so thin?
Fuck, I'm swimming upstream on the melody again
So doesn't that mean that Mr. Jhak sin?
I guess I win again
Cuz these niggas fold like tin
Fake like ten dub rims
Don't get stomped by Tims
And then get shelled up like M&Ms
And purgatory condemns
The lord keeps them waiting
I keep debating
Jhak raps inflation of whack artist beration
Venus' temptation
Greatness abbreviation
And it's all activation
That's why I keep my senses failed
I'm sick, When I exhale you lose entrails
Cuz I got bars like Windows Excel and blow weed like I'm Dave Chappelle
In the nineties, you can't find me, on a different plane B
Your cute fucking raps slay me like a dragon so roll like wagon
One more time dogg
Jhak O fucking Lantern
In brightest day
In blackest night
No rapper shall escape my sight
Or it's they head I bite
So fuck being polite
I feel excite, when I kill a fucking whack rap
Head decapped
Just to make sure ain't no coming back
Jhak attack see!
Then swing away
Signing off
Track Name: Who Killed the Page Wizurd Pt.1
Since I was a young bunk luck was upon me
I got this lucky charm flow
From the end of a rainbow
Now these kid rappers want to shun me
Cuz they know that I come with the best
Without rest I bless then
Make your sensories digest
The pure kaleidoscope of sound
Make your ears break on the rebound
I'm profound
I kicked open to expose; the vast treasure I behold
From centuries past
And at last, I have witnessed true knowledge
Not the shit that they spit, unlegit in college
But from the trees rooted through the wealth of violence
Solemn, solitary silence - Strictly radiates from my talent
You live off emotions, I live off of logic
As death comes to save you and life will just berate you
Eternity enslaves you so wave dude
To your past life full of strife
Looking down the tunnel, ain't no light
Just perpetual dark nights and pain invites your soul
Endlessly spiral into insanity
So go ahead and live your life full of vanity

Someone's picking off hero rappers
Biggie - Pac - Pun - Easy E - OBD
And now somebody wants to kill me

I feel like I'm being watched like what time is it?
I feel that spidey tingling in my back like when I'm kidding
Sometimes I'm just bedridden cuz I feel unforgiven
But the days that I'm living unfold like a dancing ribbon
Infinite words shatter the fourth wall of repentance
As the fame lays down upon the plow of a gimmick
But of course there's a force unbalance that renders me timid
But that won't stop me from eating like a pic-a-nic

God damn a shot of Jhak sure does sound tempting
Let me cut to the bar so I can find what's missing
At the end of this glass, once surpassed is the liquor in the belly
Got this whole world spinning
I need an Alka-Seltzer and a few minutes
It's hard not to drink yourself in a whirlpool
While our economy is controlled by fools
Stealing all our money while their saying it's all cool
Medical care comes to those with the right social tools and
I really never seen a jewel, but I know what shining looks like
Just picture me flowing on this mic
Yo, times are getting tight all around me
I try to be an emcee, but things seem to stand in my way
Life's a mystery, the struggle is the history
I'm paranormal. You can say I'm strange
Like the doctor. But I don't pick at brains
I just preserve and observe every thought, every action
So, I can point out the weakest fraction
That needs some collapsing
And just because I want to speak my mind
Ya'll niggas wanna whine
But just let me remind you, true is the best vitamin
Take it before you sleep and when you wake up
Now keep up

I suspect someone's picking off hero rappers
Biggie - Pac - Pun - Easy E - OBD
And now somebody wants to kill me

All this stylish cool shit, can't keep up who's to blame
Cuz while you niggas are stealing whips and chains
We all fall closer to the slave
Aim at the brain?
Ya man I'm picking at the mind's disease
And my verbal hypnotics, flow's pneumonic
Drown emcees in a thought seize
Homie please
You all got to come a little harder
If you not trying to be another rap martyr
People tend to think you are slum if you are fresh and new
But in this case yo that is not true
I will linger like a residue, which you cannot wipe
I'm addictive to your ears like a finger to a type
And at night I can't sleep
Thought tendrils sway in random directions in my mind
And the only way to lock it up is go into another rap grind
Now I'm halting nigga's progress like a stop sign
Discipline, hard will, the divine
Lyrically combust into ashes that combine as I climb to the holy prime
Known as zenith
While you stick to the limp, like a dead penis

It's phenomenal, cuz when it's your time to go
Everything you know seems to be worthless
Surrounded by your life's curses
Pain reimburses
Shattered your thoughts with my verses
So think about it
Why would they want to kill me?

I suspect someone's picking off hero rappers
Biggie - Pac - Pun - Easy E - OBD
And now somebody wants to kill him

As I ash into dust
Lyrically combust
Powered by lust
No one can adjust
Move you like bus
Fuming like must
Eating the Earth's crust
Track Name: Cold Shoulder
Cold shoulder
I think about the times when I used to rhyme about squeezing nines
I swore I was on my prime
My dictionary mind didn't shine
I gave up when I first got eaten, beaten in a cipher
Now I have a life to live and when I first hit weed my soul was freed
And on the first time I tripped
I skipped to another land
Where I became encrypted, lifted, and gifted
Now my thoughts are my rhymes
And my rhymes are my soul now
Losing self control now
Slow down, give me a minute man I'm Hip-hop scented
Scratch and sniff the
Heavenly bliss
That reminisce the
Good times and let em roll
Cold Shoulder
Pick a toll
Cold Shoulder
Collapse the control and
Break down the foundation
No more adulation
Cuz affirmation
Patronizes acceleration
And dwarfs the multiplication
Cold Shoulder
Believer your visualization
Cold Shoulder
Sweeter you'll be tasting, your life won't be wasting
Show a little haste and
Cold Shoulder
Just stop aching
I'm only getting older
So number one has to be looked upon and there can be only one
Cuz two ones make eleven, yo, and I'm betting
That lyrically can't nobody stick with me
Teflon slick nigga
Baron Jhak it's a rap
Cold Shoulder
Turn the beat on like a lap dance
I done seen it and changed for it
But the Cold Shoulder is what I got
Hells Bells!
My heart got balled in a knot, but now I rock
Knock knock
Who's there?
Mr. Jhak and I'm sure he's aware
Every other rapper just wants to compare
So the next nigga that talk about rhymes better go climb
Into a clandestine location
Cuz what you facing will get you erased and
Lyrical, psychotic bolts, they'll be tracing
I'm just waiting
To eat away this pain
Nigga's bout as hard as bubbles from champagne
I don't aim to please no more
I aim to maim the gore, cuz life's too raw
But the sunlight keeps me moving
I can't be done, I got so much more to prove and
Abusing my insides, personalities collide
And when you cry
You confide
Solace within the Wizurd
The rapping Jhak blizzard

Hey wait!
I got a new complaint
Forever dead to your Pieces lies
I tried to deny but the Cold Shoulder
Draws me closer
Cold Shoulder
Keeps me warmer
Cold Shoulder
Keeps me stronger
Now I last longer
Give me the bloody baton so I can move on
Cold Shoulder
Should of told ya, Jhak Frost get colder
Cold fucking Shoulder
I'm slipping into darkness and the Cold Shoulder give me targets
And that's right I ain't shit
But the last time I checked
I got envy from this toilet so don't soil it
Cold Shoulder
What you niggas get ten times over
Cuz Mr. Jhak bars got range like a rover
Green in this shit, like a four leaf clover
Meanwhile, I'm running shit like a motor
I got the fucking quota
Water on the rocks you can skid
And I'm sure
You will get destroyed kid
I am out of my gourd kid
And it's simply fucking morbid

Jeez Louise and a side of sassafras
You see the ass on that lass?
I did but kid you, see the Jhak new shit?
It vents your wig and god forbid
This nigga don't quit, ya dig?
The Cold Shoulder keeps him balanced
Cold Shoulder gives him talent
Cold Shoulder
I got to admit that guys legit, got pure commit
But won't let permit whack flows
Seems these days niggas wanna show bio-rhythm to the beat
But keep their words kool-aid sweet
Still looking for someone to compete but shit is looking bleak
So he needs to just air them out
And let the Cold Shoulder roll em like a boulder
Eye of the beholder
North polar shoulder
Mr. Jhak the fact of rap, Nekromonger soldier
Track Name: Eternal Instrument of Rap
Exactly free what's it mean
Exactly what you want it to be
Since I was three third eye could see
Nekromongers came for me
I couldn't be anymore free
Instrumental flowetry
So follow me follow we into apoca-poerty

You ever wonder when
The sun's gonna end?
Just explode
I know we can't outrace time
So I grind
My thoughts to my rhymes
Now forever, I shall steep in my prime
Melody's my heart
Please don't squeeze, it bleeds the sublime
Everybody hear this, know I exceeded time
So shackle my mind
Construct the divine
It's what I deserve
For living on the curve of the deterred
But you heard
That my words
Transform the worms into birds
Now who's the predator?
Ain't nobody competitor and never the mind gets weak
I rub that shit clean till it squeaks
You rain? I sleet, complete with tachyon strands
As I swirl my hands gently through the mist of existence
To make all in my image
There shall be no resistance
Mr. Jhak eternal instrument I come with temperament, it's how I'm made
To make it move like a Uhaul, niggas got blue balls they can't fuck with me
It's not a luxury, but luckily
I'm not here to beef
So now the world sighs in relief

Exactly free what's it mean
Exactly what you want it to be
Since I was three third eye could see
Nekromongers came for me
I couldn't be anymore free
Instrumental flowetry
So follow me follow we into apoca-poerty

You ever wonder then
If new life in spite the sour, sprouts from the hours?
The sky dims dry getting fouler
Corny rappers do anything for a dollar
But I don't jump hoops or run with groups
It's just me
One man walking rap symphony
And with these raps, I shall live for eternity, it hurts
On my way to the next universal
Studio work
This jerk with the smirk
Spurt the words that gave power to the great ones of Hip-hop
And I'm next in line
Fresh like pine
Definition of define
So shackle my mind
Construct the divine
And then you shall see
The birth of a butterfly without ever being a caterpillar
Death comes to those who stand in my center
Then I will make a song about it so every living soul will remember
This Jhak match box burst into flames like an ember with
Bars that I'm thankful for giving like November
But one day I will
Take a bunch of Nyquil
Then hit some weed, and we shall see, if I can be, eternally
Of rap
And Jhak

Exactly free what's it mean
Exactly what you want it to be
Since I was three third eye could see
Nekromongers came for me
I couldn't be anymore free
Instrumental flowetry
So follow me follow we into apoca-poetry
Track Name: Future
I can see the future
Parallel dreams
Clouds of self esteem
Leaving them
As I lean them condemned
Tied to my vocal matter of fact I need to stop smoking
Not the fact of croaking
But the nicotine starts evoking
Cuz I put my lips on where I'm quoting
Bars that start floating and builds a chilled coating in the sky
As you scratch your head pondering why
I am the future

Level of succession that surpasses the equal masses and
As you all drone like molasses, I'm growing like green pastures
Looking for the anti-life
Madder than the hatter, I'm flattered but I don't take nicely to banter!
I'm the definition of, legs on cancer
And the and the almighty answer of the omega
And you alph-alpha rappers are better off
Drowning yourself while you're washing your face cuz
I shape a space that you can't escape
Mushy inside like a grape
Hung you over like a drape, nigga see my cape?
Super hero, and the future so follow the beat
It's like putting your ears to the concrete and
I ain't complete without a bag of weed
Or a fine chick right beside of me
Other than that, I'm rap sodomy
Determination, eradication, increase acceleration cuz I been waiting
To push my will beyond limits, so I can never finish
Cuz my life will never diminish
Man am I fucking speaking Finnish?
As God as my witness
I will protect this...
Track Name: Who Killed the Page Wizurd Pt.2
A million ways to die
Stabbed, shot, cheated, and lied on and now your time goes away
So I smoke, cuz I like to know when I go
But it seems that the hate follows my flow, I know niggas wanna kill me
Cuz I spill ill real feel me
Get shot like whiskey
Get hung like I'm back in the 60s
Or tossed of a cliff like a frisbee, but really
I try to understand, we all don't bite the hand that feeds them
Get me mad enough, I'll give you a reason
I foresee you yelling, I can't stop the bleeding
Dim Mak! Just say matte
I don't fear the veil of the beyond, but my thoughts seem kinda fond
Of what is to come when we all correspond to that inevitable time
And we all want to keep our minds closed to the matter
But one day your brains will be scattered
And your soul will leave its fleshy tomb
Or that's what some assume, bloom to a different understanding
Purgatory's been branded
And as you remand this stand, your memory turns to sand
And now you standing in the land of the lost a lot of things in my day
But life seems to move that way
Don't get attached
Cuz one day your whole world will be detached
So catch twenty-two and chew on the proverbial view
Of askew lights, as you recite, your Hail Mary's and chants

An altered state of mind is how I live
Dig deep through the thoughts of consciousness
Don't want to get caught
Only fear's to be forgot
Wrought in dire straits
As I stare at Death's gates

I know you hate me
But dogg you didn't make me
And there's no fucking way you can take me
So break me, inflate, berate me
Jake the Snake D.D.T, implant niggas it's your fate be
Rap's innate in me
It's enabled me to become
Something greater than the one of the Matrix
You say shit that you do not mean, or can't prove, or back up
You a fiend for the argument
And slick talk, quit walking like you are harder than me
Can't see, cuz you choose too
So be blind, waste of time with your life
When the reaper comes to take you
A bunch of boo-hoo like I should of done
But you are now
Nothing son
And you shall never see the sun rise again
And can't seem to shake the tears away from the eyes of your kin
Passed away like wind, and reality blurs
Eyes of lies are opened like blood stream from the skin
In life
There is no win
We can all just do better
Watch your back, take small strides, grab cheddar
Endure the rough times, run the belt like leather
Your tears only make the day wetter
It won't solve shit, so stop with that fucking gay quip
You fucking people are a trip
Oh! the webs we weave
Just to get over, deceive, can't perceive right from wrong
It ain't black and white, but damn dogg
You niggas don't really try at all
And when the ball is in your court
Nothing but procrastination to report
Now your passion's distort, and you're lost
Can't seem to get across the bridge
I ain't lying man, I fib
But I can't stay in my crib, cuz these big niggas
Try to treat you like a kid nigga
This is it nigga
No coming back
Tit for fucking Tat

An altered state of mind is how I live
Dig deep through the thoughts of consciousness
Don't want to get caught
Only fear's to be forgot
Wrought in dire straits
As I stare at Death's gates

As I ash into dust
Lyrically combust
Powered by lust
No one can adjust
Move you like bus
Fuming like must
Eating the Earth's crust
Track Name: Arrested Development
We all got days where we just wanna run away
Stress packed - Arrested - Development congested
Rest is best, less you be hollow and depressed kid
Everybody and their Mom got problems
And they think that telling me is gonna solve them
Nigga I'm just a rapper
23, rhyme kidnapper, disaster
Cuz most people live the life of a jester and die in debt
Cuz they were never good investors
And they money can't buy happiness are you serious?
It makes the world spin, kinda grim, quite delirious
We go to war for it
Our loves ones don't come before it
And take another life just to score it
But yeah, yeah I get it, it's obsession
Like my smoke possession but I'm guessing
It's just another trapped, locked caged prison for progression

What goes around, comes around
Death's the recital, to life's revival
To life's revival (Arrested Development)
What goes around, comes around
Death's the recital, to life's arrival
To life's arrival (Arrested Development)

What don't kill me will make me stronger
Energizer Jhak rabbit will last longer
Than you Duracell niggas, get your copper topped
Homie I'm forever, however
I don't see the genius in life whatsoever
But individuality's the lever
To a clever, existence
And I assist this, co-existence to immerse
Which is Jhak's hard fucking verses
That put rapper's bars in hearses
You should of went to church kid; they talk about me all the time
I'm divine
And emcees done lost their fucking mind cuz
Jhak's sharp like porcupine spine
And come in doses, it's gross kid
Jhak O'Lantern to the Page Wizurd
Where I come from days come in cycles
Night comes to stifle
I've come to trifle
Mastered the pages now I flow like ebon
Smoking like Wesson, Smith and
Leave these rappers pissing
In their pantalones
I'm the king of this microphone
And the mages call me solomon
Mr. Jhak I don't give me back
No man
I keep it strapped like Jan Sport the rancor has started
Rap tarts retarded
Sweet tooth I bought it
Almond Joy bars so nuts

As I axe effect into the new material
Reiterate, the hostile motives are bacterial
Collage more lines than a serial

What goes around, comes around
Death's the recital, to life's revival
To life's revival (Arrested Development)
What goes around, comes around
Death's the recital, to life's arrival
To life's arrival (Arrested Development)

And if it floats shoot its wings
You can never be free
Can't fly, ask why
Cuz you just grow up to die
Silicon Valley can't out supply
My algorithms computate, equate venom
These rappers remind me of cinnamon
Sweet, puffed, shook, ready to eat like
Beginner's luck, what the fuck, Jhak's not witty no pity
And I ain't got no change for you
And no I ain't have intercourse with your whore dude
You lost your job? Get a fishing pole
You lost your mate? Just a toke a bowl, nigga no
I don't walk around placing blame
For the dumb shit that clearly bares my name
And after this shit
Your life won't be the same
So tell me now dogg
Who's really to blame?
Track Name: Who Killed the Page Wizurd Pt.3
Fuck nigga, I have come to destroy you
And rap till I annoy you, annoy you, annoy you
I do it cuz I care
Be aware: there's a sheet that greets a warrant for my death cuz my stare
Crease rappers to a billion pieces
Lock you down like them little white kids on leashes
I get dirty like police kid with sixteens like two squids
Oh you big? Well I'm taller
Jhak got the bean stalk, slay you giants now they smaller
Maul you dude cuz, I don't give a fuck
Unless you a fine chick then, hoe you can catch my dick
Like batter up, cuz I'm hitting home-runs no steroids
Came in this game now I'm playing them like Jakk's Pacific
Toys bro, yo my flow get magnificent, so pitch a tent
I'm augment with the murderous intent, nobody let me vent
So I got to pave a way like cement
And in my wake a lot of bent out of shape
Rappers who tried to escape
What the expert doctors call, mentally raped
I'm the shit! Scientist have scraped
The matter from my toilet, use in the soil kid
Now ya'll niggas are smelling my shit
I must admit, won't quit cuz I'm rapping out
Bitch niggas start acting out, get slapped about
Run they mouth, all I hear is clout
Leave em full of doubt - Sprout when I route
Bars heavy - All gravy
Leave you niggas dazy like stout
Drown like no water catching trout
Get ya'll niggas running out

I'll murder you
I don't give a fuck son
I'll fucking murder you
Smother me till I'm struggling
I'll fucking murder you
Strangle me until I'm turning blue
Jhak the ripper homeboy, I'll fucking murder you

Everybody wanna talk bars with the bizarre
I keep gold bricks, fall slick when I hick
Drop lyrical grenades, spread cascades
Of internal combustion
Now you wasn't, never been, non-existent
Man he rap different
At least I keep my flow consistent
It's not a battle with me
It's an abducting
To start the - Reconstructing
Cuz, I can always use another goon in my ranks
If not, then you will fucking walk the plank
Cuz I don't take
Insubordination - Only admiration
Like oh Mr. Jhak you're a sensation! Here's a Grammy!
Oh really?
Now who fucking run the city?
I get in your teeth like grit be
Doctor's taking pity
But what you expect mother fucker, I'm from Philly?

Doom, gloom, hallucinate like shrooms when I step into the room
Sweep em like brooms and entomb them emcees that's fake like costumes
And soon
Another day shall come where there can be only one
And dun, I come from a place that will erase you like Arnold

These bars should be a rap walk-through
Chalk you, watch your mouth
Who the fuck you talking to?
I'm the wrong one that you should be gawking at dude

Send you up shit's creek, canoe. no paddle
They say Wizurd's tit for tat rap stab you
My jab lines pretty fine like a dime
Giving neck like Corona with the lime
No I'm fine, shine greatly
It's all your fault
Cuz you made me, and now you can't take me
So hate me, inflate, demodulate, desecrate me
And you still won't know how I think, how I talk, man he walk
Murder you, verbally, murder spree
Now you fucking niggas heard of me
Murder spree!
Dead is what you fucking niggas deserve to be
So come on dogg, try and fucking murder me

I'll murder you
I don't give a fuck son
I'll fucking murder you
Smother me till I'm struggling
I'll fucking murder you
Strangle me until I'm turning blue
Jhak the ripper homeboy, I'll fucking murder you

Ash into dust
Lyrically combust
No one can adjust
Move you like bus
Fuming like must
Eating the Earth's crust
Track Name: Mellow Vibes
Ayo when I spit the mic do somersaults
And I jaunt through the melody to, find a pitch
Not Hitch, but I'll take your bitch and do her dirty like a lawyer
They say Mr. Jhak's bars got miles like a tourer
I can stack em eights from, Philly to California
Cuz I'm the champ and all ya'll mourners
So I work like a foreigner, on the dead like a coroner
My rhymes play the song like it's easy
So I'm the rap STD
And I creep through the ether
This time my demeanor will be sweeter
What can I say, yo, I'm a healer
My mellow vibes fill ya, then reel ya
Till your head blows off like a toupee
Hey Hey!
The pages that burn seem to turn when my heart yearns
For another galaxy to dominate, so I nominate this
Holy junction
Across the humanity divided
So my pumpkin head can lit!
End the first transmit

Success is what you make it
Stimulate to shake it
Rise just to break it
Confine to forsake it
Mellow Vibes keeps my mind
Positively in symphony
And one day, my legend will asunder me

What am I looking for?
Another soul searching tour?
Get high till I touch the floor?
It's ironic, we all fall into life so catatonic
It's the state we choose. we can't take the mortal bruise
And the mental loses
Most of us walk around confused kid
And don't know what they want and just front
But I'll be blunt, you got to confront your own self for mental wealth
And then your ego's health blossoms, but you play possum
Stop him, he speaks to much truth
It's not my fault, half of ya'll all less of the ruth
Rotten apple infect the tooth when I bite then I be bed ridden for days
Eyes over glazed
But I still babble
Rhymes cast no shadow
Perfected my flow, playing Scrabble
While you niggas dip and dabble, in ya fucking rabble
Now the tables, have turned to the favor
Of the fable slayer, conveyor
Of what's on my mind like
Am I ready for the limelight
Or is Mr. Jhak just full of hype?
I can tell you man that I'm black like Wesley Snipes
Then I smoke till my pipes get tied, then I write
Most cats say I'm a sight to see
Cuz I spread Mellow Vibes so rhythmically
That transcends tranquility
Can't really compare them to me, cuz see
It's like a race horse standing next to a pony
And yeah I'm the horse
Come through to pillage you like Norse
Vikings, and my bars are too frightening
A new heightening into the force
It's just the right course, find the source
Then we can all live with no remorse
And we can all reinforce
Our understandings of the world

Success is what you make it
Stimulate to shake it
Rise just to break it
Confine to forsake it
Mellow Vibes keeps my mind
Positively in symphony
And one day, my legend will asunder me

My mellow vibes makes the night turn to day
Why are we ashamed of what we feel and we say?
Why do none of us just follow our hearts?
Can never finish what we start?
How does happiness come apart?
Do we know the moment that it happens or be trapped in self denial?
Our answers are always miles away
Could never tell what love is
Living through my days off a substance
Loved it, now your boy rapping, Mr. Jhak is stacking
Steps to the heavens
And I'm sure there will be more than seven
Like one million five hundred forty thousand eleven
So homie get to stepping
Those who walk with me, will radiate on another degree
Of strength, honor, and intensity
And most shit I hear these days
Got no density
To the words, shit's for birds, they deserve
A fate worse than embarrassment
I'm a Hip-hop strategist that statically
Emit electric bars emphatically
And it don't matter to me - Who you are
But my rhymes stretch your ass out throughout the song
Hit hard like bong
Mellow Vibes clean the lies
Confide you will be denied
Abide you will chastised no disguise
I can see through your lies
Stigmatictology denies your decries

All hands on battle-stations so I can rock
Everybody flock
Cuz I get their hands moving like clocks
I'm the reason that you stop drop roll, cuz you can't seem to control
And lose the goal
Feeling salty like Xmas morning getting coals
And everybody knows
Jhak's crisp flow kiss like a mistletoe
Or the serene view of the quiet snow
As it coats the seasons
You need to love life cuz you breathing
There is not a reason that life should be easy for you
Cuz we all got problems
Learns who you are, then they dissolve
And you evolve
To the next stage and the cage that restricts you collapses
And you can really find true happiness
Out of body - Philosophy like Ghandi
Has helped me - Live a life full of bonding
And I have felt a lot of emotions
And the oceans of my mind have gotten so Ferocious
I was lost stranded on an island
But I had to swim shore to find myself again...
And never think when...
Everyday I lived with a grieved sigh
It's just the mellow vibes
Track Name: Stigmatic Disease
Great Scott Doc
It's the mic rock, checker one two
These emcees coagulated rhymes can't compare to the intensity
Cuz when I wake up
The Stigmatic lines - they drip from me
Mr. Jhak O'Lantern attack - Incredible
Hulk niggas down cuz their rhymes to edible
I feel like a monster
In the booth when I stomp the
White dwarf that morph's to anomalies phenomenal
Like my rhyming
Can't stand to see a nigga like me shinning
It's over, you might as well just start miming
Cuz my limericks - Have you staying up all night like a strix
Talking who who who? Who killed me
Slice like a surgeon
Drop bombs on your mind like an insurgent
You're worthless, get the fuck off my turf, leave you blue like Smurf
You need to dewrinkle like shirt - In the dryer
Anybody say I ain't hot is a liar
Stigmatic bars got you vomiting desire
Mr. Jhak - One man mother fucking choir

Stigmatic bars long just to be diseased, homie please
Living in doubt, I hope you be at ease
I damn sure don't live my life only just to please
Rather squeeze
And infect ever soul with my disease

Flow simple threaded
Speaking words unleaded
World's get shredded
I feel lightheaded
Ranting and raving won't get you far
Cuz I see all from my bazaar - Tis bizarre
My infectious reservoir
Keep what you kill, it's the Nekromonger way
And we all hunger, so it's me that they pray
And one day the Underverse will sunder
In due time, our take over will chime, then boom like a thunder
It'll make you wonder - Is it post apocalyptic?
His shit is so cryptic
(Jhak's hard speech will leech on the dome piece)
Then cease the reach that creep on the lonely
And then, that's only sin three
So don't look at me like I don't know the divine
I slayed the nine - Wizard kings of Heaven
Then pulled out the heart of the Beast of Seven
Deadly sins and then trashed Lucifer in a bout of violin
Shit man, now stigmata seeps from my skin
Lagging out my mouth as I laugh again
Now they asking Mr. Jhak, damn where you been?
And I simply reply...
Jesus is in Heaven

Stigmatic bars long just to be diseased homie please
Living in doubt I hope you be at ease
I damn sure don't live my life only just to please
Rather squeeze
And infect ever soul with my disease

Na man you can't rap
Give the mic back
To this Jhak artist
Niggas is straight starving
Like Ethiopia - Call them Marvin
I'm the first pick in a fresh garden
Cuz my rap jargon, sling paradox out the box
Got Hip Hop in a thick knot, won't stop
Till you niggas are old, dead, withered, and gray
I bring the moon out in day
Na I'm joking man, you're boy just rap all silly
Some say demented - And I always gotta put my two cents in it
I'm not the rapper that will rock cars that are rented in a video
I'm the kind that will walk on stage at your show and snatch the mic like
Start coming at your neck like
Hit the deck or get wrecked like Captain Pike
(Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me!)
So reach for the sky like a palm tree, you pilgrim
I'll fuck you up like distilled rum
Rebuild your broken hills son
(Alright let me close my mouth before I really kills them)

Mr. Jhak
Tit for fucking tat
Clobber time on the mic
And eat holes through your sweet bars like rats

Track Name: Who Killed the Page Wizurd Pt.4
You can call it paranoia but I stay trapped...

A million ways to fly
Strap wings, kill kings, wake up early morning just to sing
Serene songs that prolong life, to the divine mic
Tight flow's viciously ripping the pentacle
Out reach like a tentacle
Paranoid, it's all mental
Coincidental, death comes in incrementals
My final departure, gives me keen eyes like an archer
The end of days are strictly fundamental
Eternal instrumental
Lacerate, oozes, causes bruises on the beat
In my world, no one is safe and death comes to cheap
Recycle the end of the week to sneak, snap shut like beak
As I leak through to eat you, fuck around deplete you
It's true man I live off of simple
Burst bubbles like a pimple
I told you man, the end of days are all fundamental
As I look back when Jhak, didn't know the ways of the world
Naive dreams surround me, believe as I bolstered my own self esteem
But mean thoughts got me caught up
I was too full of hate
Anger in my soul made my body conflagrate
As I wait, caught by bait, love came to quake
And I broke when my everything flaked, so I stared to get baked
Now I bake emcees
Now they don't want to be around me
Out of fear of losing their crown...
Now them niggas wanna see me drown

The only constant in life is death
Which brings the end
But then again
Pain remains vivid as we live it
We all know our souls are black sometimes we all break crimes
Man's law or God's
Most of us can't see between the lies and can't devise our own agenda
Can't live up to what we do so it's easier to not remember
It's like the harder that we try
The more we get pushed away from our center
Still hunger after we eat our dinner
Cuz lust, greed, and sanity can never be sated
That's why I'm never satisfied and why I'm high
Admit it, we're all afraid to die
I can smell the fear, it's humble like apple pie
But still we can't shy
From our reality
So cause and effect equates duality
Cool becomes normality
And the worse escapes it's fallacy

I defy!
There is no way you can try to sway me
To an eternity that I cannot perceive
I won't grieve but reprieve shall be handed
As my particles are expanded
Death's gaze has just landed
I don't want to die
Man's greatest desire is to fly
Past the sky, past the stars, past infinity
Transcends masculinity or femininity
My life is worthless if nobody remembers me
I can feel my organs slow as I approach
My consciousness get's white as my vitality get's poached
Disdain get's soaked, revoked from the gates
Prodded to another level
Callous on my hands, like I was working with a shovel
Losing pace, make it up, all day, gaining grace
Take the middle road, standing lost, can't figure out the mold
Shapeless can be shaped with like clay this
Existence will flush you like you pissing
I know you wishing
That everything that you do has value
As you turn your back on the faith that entitles you to pure paradise
But I think people got a disease they think life
Is only normal when there's blight
So they can't keep it right
And perpetuate their false rites
It's not really nice
Get you scratching at your head like lice
Cuz they jumping on think ice
And they don't give a fuck like you don't live twice
Spliced with alternating DNA
Thought he could save the day but was cast as a run away
Won't be seen as a lover another day and
Sometimes I just want my soul to lay and
Never get up again

What was in that hit? Shit that ripped
Can't get thought box to work
Stomach jerks, vision blackens
Severe constricts, heart skips beats
Can't keep breath, voice slackens
Packed into my consciousness
There I was hatched into reality
Racing forth through teen hospitality
I'm sorry Mom, I didn't mean to
Make your life unequal
I'm sitting through higher learning
My patience is churning
Cuz I'm yearning
To be with her again
Her touch transforms into my ultimate sin
Now akin to the mic hand
As I rock band
Perception turns to outlandish red
I fear nothing as my soul is spread...
Then I see...
Track Name: Transported Man
How can I explain? The sheer arcane?
That faucets from my brain?
Step in my domain, into another land
To see my last trick, the Transported Man
It's teleportation in laymen's, this door will take me
Through time and space - Equal to my matter
Die or reappear - I rather take the latter
But it don't matter - Mr. Jhak is splatter proof
Now poof

You thought you wouldn't see me?
I'm tired of disguising - it's decriminalizing
I'm revising, cuz I share this body too so why should you
Be on front stage while I'm behind bars like a zoo?
Mr. Jhak rug rat like babysitter? Now, come on mister
Jhak O'Lantern will get consumed quickly
By the leviathan, higher than, firemen
Saving a meth lab on fire
It's time for your retirement
Yeah sir
Cuz you stale and I'm fresh like Spearmint

You made a bond with that Agimotto nigga
And now it takes a pound of weed just to focus nigga
So don't run your mouth like the Olympics or
I'll sock that shit right where you be sniffing
You must be flipping, tripping
Jhak the ridged hammer will get you zipped and
Gripped in my Nekromonger assembly
Assimilating thoughts you can't take will simply
Wipe clean your disobedience
Yo, kids these days, I swear to God like, you wasn't born right
And don't use my name in vain we
May be the same but
I'm out the frame and
You're in the game so
Don't be ashamed cuz Jhak's acclaimed
Critically, rid of me? Never
Rid of you? By any means necessary
In our head you're buried
To a dungeon your married
Ya fairy

No no, not this time don't you get it?
I wouldn't come this far if I wasn't committed
Page Wizurd's magic has overflowed, so
If you want to see a better show
That's not default, look over-

Stop this Superman, Clark Kent
Haven't you heard?
I two face niggas like Harvey Dent
The coin flipped
Excuse me, folks I apologize
I don't know what came over me

Stop this venomous poetry, the webs we weave
I have come to destroy you, you bringer of disbelief
Long ago in a galaxy, far, far away
You drained my power till my soul defies
But to my surprise
When I became baptized
Your stigmatic nonsense becomes your demise

Becomes my demise?
I see see through your lies
Stigmaticology denies your decries